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About Our Company

ProudAfrique was formed from a clear and deep understanding of the impact that the Amended B-BBEE Codes will have on companies in terms of Skills Development. The skills targets in the Amended Codes increased in almost all categories and with the inclusion of demographics, many companies were increasingly frustrated that their budgets were insufficient to obtain good scores.

Our interaction with service providers to find suitable programmes for our clients highlighted several challenges. One of these challenges was that the employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities were severely underutilised even though the benefits in the Codes were clear.
ProudAfrique decided to enter the market more directly, but with the clear objective to refrain from being another training company. There are already many institutions, academies and colleges providing excellent programmes.

We found, however, that many of the programmes that were offered to the market were unaccredited training. The B-BBEE Codes are clear. Real, workplace-based accredited training that changes the lives of the participants are what we need in the economy and that is what the Codes will give the most recognition for. Companies are still welcome to run such unaccredited and informal programmes and on-the-job training, but it can only be a small part of their skills strategies

This is further amplified with the concession on salaries for employees on certain types of programmes. We coined the phrase “leveraged programmes”, defined as recognised accredited programmes where the salaries of staff can be recognised as part of the skills expenditure. We realised that there were many programmes available, but it was often difficult to sort through the rocks to get to the gems. Thus, we decided that finding these gems and making them available to South Africa will be our objective.

ProudAfrique is positioned as a skills facilitation business. We do not compete with training providers. We facilitate the link between best of breed skills programmes and our clients.

Our mission was born:

ProudAfrique Human Capital will provide a choice of leveraged skills programmes for any person at any level in any department of any company in any industry.

Our Approach

Employees are one of the most important assets in any organisation and therefore skills planning plays an important role in companies. We firmly believe that a well-structured Skills Planning Strategy will support the overall strategy of the company. It is important to determine that the right people are employed and how an investment in their development will support the strategic objectives of the business.


Our Approach to Skills Development is unapologetically B-BBEE scorecard driven and seeks to incorporate as many gain factors as possible. This allows you to obtain the highest possible score on the B-BBEE scorecard with the smallest net investment.

The key strategy drivers are:


As is the case with sport, it is not the effort that counts, it is the scoreboard, or in this instance, the B-BBEE scorecard. Your Skills Development plan will ensure you maximise on your B-BBEE scorecard and secure all your required points.


A well-structured skills programme does not have to be an unaffordable expense. The plan should ensure that the costs of the programmes are optimised.

Bottom line Benefit

A skills programme is not sustainable if it does not provide a clear and concise business benefit. It is important to make sure that programmes and learners are selected in the best interest of the company.

Culture Fit

Programmes need to align with your business culture. Companies that expect high-quality output from their staff need to ensure that high quality training programmes are implemented. Such programmes will ensure business benefit as well as employee enthusiasm and retention.

While the B-BBEE Codes only recognise the development of black people, companies should ensure that development and growth are available for all their employees.

Personal Career Advancement

Matching skills programmes with career planning of the individual learner is very important for effectiveness and sustainability. Developing staff for the sake of development can be counterproductive if their respective career plans and current level of skills are not factored in.

No Fronting

It is critical that there is no fronting or misrepresentation in any programme or BEE claim. Any strategy that is put in place needs to meet the objectives and the letter of the requirements.

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