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In addition to our skills development offerings, we strive to make our clients’ B-BBEE journey easier. Our planning sessions simplify the B-BBEE educational process and link companies with the programmes which are best suited to their specific business’ and employees’ needs. We also offer the services relating to the development and implementation of employment equity plans, processes, policies and reports.

Our clients have successfully benefited from the financial and reputational aspects of each service, reaching their B-BBEE goals while creating a skilled and motivated workforce.

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Employees are among the most important assets in any organisation and therefore skills planning plays an important role in companies. We firmly believe that a well-structured Skills Planning Strategy will support the overall strategy of the company. It is important to determine that the right people are employed and how an investment in their development will support the strategic objectives of the business.

Our Approach to Skills Development is unapologetically scorecard-driven and seeks to incorporate as many gain factors as possible. This allows you to obtain the highest possible score with the smallest net investment.

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Skills programmes make up our core offering and are essential for every company. Though the client’s business may require skills in the short-term, business owners need to plan ahead for medium- and long-term skills development in order to benefit the company and its customers. This long-term development allows for the creation of a sustainable company through skilled employees.

The ProudAfrique skills programmes are offered in a range of subjects and competencies. These courses need to fit the client company’s culture in order to ensure they are correctly beneficial and necessary. Though skills programmes may add to a client’s B-BBEE scorecard, training for the sake of training and receiving training from sub-par companies can be detrimental to the client.

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ProudAfrique has developed a uniquely structured career program for black people with disabilities that can guide them to meaningful employment opportunities at supervisory level in companies while earning a basic income or stipend as learners. We currently have more than 200 people on this journey.

Companies that participate in these programs can earn disproportionate benefits in terms of their BEE compliance while maximizing the favourable tax rebates and incentives.

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The Employment Equity Act requires Designated Employers to submit Employment Equity Reports AND a one/three/five-year plan to the Department of Labour when the window opens in September of each year. In a case where employers choose to do the submissions manually, they need to submit these to the Department of Labour by 1 October and for those who choose to submit electronically, it needs to be done by or on 15 January


There are many benefits applicable if registered and compliant with the SETA. This may include Discretionary Grants, Pivotal Grants and Mandatory Grants. Some of these Grants could be allocated to companies based on SAQA accredited Learnerships or Shorter Skills Programmes.

Furthermore, the BEE Codes require confirmation of SETA registration and the submission of certain plans and reports to the relevant SETAs. This depends on the size of the business.

The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) is one of the most powerful tools delivered to employers through skills development legislation. It is aimed at business expansion and sustainability. It is completed by companies with information specific to their business and the sector in which they operate.

The intention of Mandatory Grants is to incentivise employers to:

  1. Plan & implement training for their employees
  2. To create training and work experience opportunities for unemployed people

Mandatory Grant Applications (WSP) are funded by 20% of the total levies paid by the employer who submits a Mandatory Grant Application. A mandatory grant is paid once the WSP have been received, assessed and approved by the Regional Offices of the SETA.

The requirements for a levy paying employer claiming a mandatory grant must meet the eligibility criteria for the payment of a mandatory grant if:

An eligible employer:

  1. Has registered for skills development levies;
  2. Has paid the levies in the prescribed manner (minimum threshold R500k per annum);

On this subject, ProudAfrique offers the following services:

ProudAfrique can either assist or manage the completion of:

  1. Workplace Skills Plans
  2. Annual Training Reports
  3. Pivotal Reports
  4. Implementation of Priority Skills programmes
  5. Trainee tracking tools

These ensure compliance to legislation, achievement of equity within your organisation and linking this to your overall transformation strategy and B-BBEE scorecard.

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