Adult Basic Education and Training – General Education and Training Certificate

Course Overview

The General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) in Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) is suitable for adult learners and will provide them with fundamental basics of general education learning. The purpose of the Qualification is to equip learners with foundational learning by acquiring knowledge, skills and values in specified Learning Areas. In addition, it also allows learners to choose Elective Unit Standards which relate to occupational type learning relevant to their area of interest or specialisation.


Learning Outcome

• Give recognition to learners who achieve and meet the necessary requirements and competencies as specified in the Exit Level Outcomes and Associated Assessment Criteria.
• Provide a solid foundation of general education learning which will help prepare learners and enable them to access Further Education and Training learning and qualifications, particularly occupational workplace-based or vocational qualifications.
• Promote lifelong learning to enable learners to continue with further learning.
• Prepare learners to function better in society and the workplace.

Course Content

• Develop and apply relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes in the chosen Learning Areas.
• Function better in and contribute to the world of work.
• Be sensitive and reflective of issues relating to diversity, inclusivity, cultural values, human rights, gender, development and change.
• Develop an appreciation for lifelong learning.
• Function better as a citizen in South Africa and contribute to cultural, social, environmental and economic development.
• Make informed judgments about critical ethical issues.
• Develop study skills to be able to access further learning.