Ethics & Governance

Course Overview

The aim of Ethics & Governance is to provide participants with an understanding of ethics and how it influences life choices. The question of ethics or “what is the correct way to run a business” forms a crucial part of the governance of every corporate decision-making process. Learn more about the importance of ethics and governance in this course.


Course Content

• Governance in South Africa, with regards to the legal framework
• Corporate ethics and avoiding high risk areas
• Ethics defined
• Governance
o The three pillars for good governance and sustainable development
o Accountability in governance
o Trust in governance
• Differentiating between right and wrong
• What makes something ethical
• Division of action into three categories
• The importance of ethics
• Rights and responsibilities
• Descriptive ethics
o Normative ethics
o Teleological ethics
o Deontological ethics
o Meta-ethical theories
• The art of living – making choices
• Applied ethics
• The natural environment – is it natural/morally correct?
• Man-made environments
• Media issues


Additional information

Qualification Type:

Certificate of Competence



Programme Type:

Category B Learnership

Programme ID


NQF Level:

Level 5



Contact Days:

5 – 7 learning hours per week, anytime, anywhere


Grade 12 Qualification

Training Options:

Distance Learning – Online

Minimum Learners Required:

One (1) on Distance Learning – Online

Who should attend:

The course is aimed at all managers dealing with difficult choices on
a daily basis.

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