Labour Relations Practice

Course Overview

Managing Labour Relations is an essential online course for anyone who wishes to strike a balance between discipline and employee rights through fair labour practices. The course spans basic principles of labour law structures and practical knowledge and skills required to deal with labour relations issues.


Learning Outcomes

• Facilitate fair and just labour relations in an organisation.
• Manage and resolve labour disputes.
• Initiate actions that could prevent labour disputes.
• Implement management practices.
• Consider and apply relevant legislation and Jurisprudence.
• Equip learners to understand and develop the ability to apply the underlying principles of the Labour Relations sector and associated Human Resource Development legislation.
• Equip learners to become effective employees, employers and/or self-employed members of society.
• Improve the Labour Relations skills of employees in the sector.
• Enable the learner to assist within his/her community with labour related issues and thereby ensure social and economic transformation.
• Ensure the development of competence in the Labour Relations field.

Course Content

• Introduction to Online Learning
• Disciplines & Dismissals
• Dismissals for Operations
• Dispute Resolution
• Collective Bargaining
• Introduction to Labour Law
• Misconduct & Incapability
• Unfair Labour Practices
• Disciplinary Action


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