Strategic & Change Management

Course Overview

The aim of Strategic & Change Management is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully plan, implement and manage their own strategies. It is important for every employee in an organisation to understand why strategic management is seen as a vital element to an organisation’s success.

Learning Outcome:

• Understand why strategic management is seen as an important element of an organisation’s success.
• Get an overall view of the process of strategic management.
• Have a thorough knowledge of the concepts strategic vision and mission.
• Identify the elements that are important to include in an environmental analysis.
• Understand the impact of the external environment on strategic decisions.
• Understand the importance of effective internal analysis of the environment for strategic decision-making.
• Distinguish between the various levels of strategy formulation.
• Formulate strategic goals for an organisation.
• Have a good understanding of the relationship between strategy and competitive advantage.
• Formulate competitive strategies for an organisation.
• Formulate grand strategies for an organisation.
• Understand the meaning and role of the balanced scorecard in strategy formulation.
• Understand and apply strategy maps to an organisation.
• Understand the framework for strategy implementation.
• Strategic control as a component of the strategic management process.


Course Content

• Strategic vision and mission
• Exploration of the external environment
• Analysis of the internal environment
• Strategic goals and strategy formulation
• Competitive and grand strategies
• Strategy maps
• Implementing a strategy
• Organisational context as an element of strategy implementation
• Strategic control
• Management of change