Why ProudAfrique?

ProudAfrique is a dedicated skills development facilitation business. We offer programmes in a range of subjects and competencies, facilitated through trusted and accredited learning institutions. We also assist companies with their B-BBEE accreditation to help maximise their B-BBEE benefits in the future

BBBEE Skills Development

Our extensive list of skills development programmes provide many different organisations with a choice of leveraged skills programmes. We are not a training provider. But we engage with competent, registered and accredited service providers, across many different industries, to assist us

B-BBEE Expertise

ProudAfrique is co-owned by Gestalt, a company which has extensive expertise in the B-BBEE Legislation and Codes. We, therefore, understand how to maximise the benefit our clients obtain from their investment in skills development

Workplace Skills Planning

The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) is one of the most powerful tools delivered to employers through skills development legislation. It is aimed at business expansion and sustainability. It is completed by companies with information specific to their business and the sector in which they operate

How We Work

Our Approach to Skills Development is unapologetically B-BBEE scorecard driven and seeks to incorporate as many gain factors as possible. This allows you to obtain the highest possible score on the B-BBEE scorecard with the smallest net investment.


As is the case with sport, it is not the effort that counts, it is the scoreboard, or in this instance, the B-BBEE scorecard


You want to invest in getting maximum BEE points with the least spend.


It is important to make sure that programmes and learners are selected in the best interest of the company and getting a tangible outcome or benefit


While the B-BBEE Codes only recognise the development of black people, companies should ensure that Programmes align with your business culture.


We don’t want to touch on any aspect of BEE that’s going to highlight as a risk of fronting. From misaligned suppliers, programmes or practices

Courses provided
Accredited Suppliers

Courses & Programmes

We can provide you with a choice of leveraged skills programmes for any person at any level in any department of any company in any industry


This course is designed to assist people working in, or interested in, trade positions. Be it manufacturing specialists, production managers, technical managers, engineers, technicians, supervisors, foremen, team leaders or line workers, this course will help to improve your on-site skills and knowledge.


If you’re looking to learn about service excellence in the finance industry, this course will provide you with the skills to see finance through the eyes of a financial manager. Participants can expect to learn more about, and grow, their analytical skills to better comprehend financial risk in the workplace.


The role of human resource management (HRM) is to improve internal operations. Participants interested in making a difference will learn how to employ new talent, assist with employee remuneration, manage disciplinary procedures, improve team performance and attend to any personal employee administration.


Because every industry is being shaped by the media, it’s vital for employees to understand how to communicate with stakeholders, clients and teams according to these new conventions. This course is about B-BBEE compliance in media and the training needed to succeed in this environment.

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